Saving lives of young women in the Sub-Saharan region

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Compassionate Individuals and Organizations. SSWH appeals to you and believes you are among the caring individuals and organizations tired of seeing, collecting or discussing such high figures of deaths of young women.

Every minute, a woman within the child-bearing age group (12-49) dies in the third world due to preventable causes such as hemorrhage, high blood pressure, infections including HIV, and lack of skilled manpower in pregnancy and child delivery. 97% of the deaths occur in Sub-Saharan Africa where maternal mortality in most countries is above 500/100,000 live births and consists of young women (12-28) years of age. This senseless death of young women in early life is happening too often in deprived communities and young lives, the future of communities and countries, are continuously being lost.

The world, the affected countries and communities cannot afford to see yet some more staggering figures each year of deaths of young women, caused by preventable causes like obstructed labor, hemorrhage, and infection, or lack of adequate resources.

Many young women in rural Africa have never used contraception and have carried unplanned unwanted pregnancies. Many young girls have teenage pregnancies due to lack of information on contraception, and inaccessibility of contraception due to cultural and economic reasons. Sexual and contraceptive knowledge among adolescents is essential for informed choice and safe sexual behavior that prevents sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancy.

Unless women understand their bodies and how they function, they may not identify risk that exposes them to avoidable ill health and may not apply effective self -care skills to prevent morbidity and mortality.

Our Objectives

Provide life- saving age-specific evidence-based,culture- sensitive health information to young women to create sexual and reproductive health risk awareness, delay and prevent unplanned, unwanted teenage pregnancy, prevent sexually transmitted infections including HIV infection.

Support training of professional midwives so that every woman has access to essential women’s health care services of her choice provided by skilled professionals.

Reduce maternal morbidity and mortality by supporting efforts to keep young girls in school and help them delay pregnancy and preserve their lives.

Conduct research to guide the care of women

Our Vision

The vision of Sub-Saharan Women’s Health Project (SSWH) is that it is possible to delay pregnancy, prevent sexually transmitted infections, reduce maternal deaths starting from adolescence and the pre-conception period. If girls are well informed, they can remain in schools refrain from early marriages especially of young girls to elderly men if the girls are informed. Girls can acquire knowledge about the risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases or falling pregnant early in life. Knowledge is power. It is possible to engage communities, elderly men, and women, the custodians of African culture, beliefs and practices, to address cultural practices that expose women to sexual and reproductive risks.  SSWH intends to make available as much literature as possible to help adolescents and young women understand their bodies and prevent preventable risks. 

SSWH acknowledges that the midwife is the key health professional with a pivotal role in women’s health in Sub-Saharan Africa and will increase opportunities for continuing Education for midwives.

Our Core Values

  • The girlchild and the adolescent are tomorrow’s mothers, they should be nurtured well, and their lives properly guided, valued and protected.
  • Adolescents and teenagers must stay in schools and out of early marriages and the reproduction cycle.
  • Young women’s lives matter and should be preserved for a country to realize meaningful national growth and development.
  • Every young woman has a right to access quality education that enables her to build her future
  • National discourse must include the health needs of young adolescent girls.

SSWH will support a full range of activities that are aimed at decreasing the loss of young women’s lives.

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Give hope of life to young women in the Sub-Saharan African region. The women need your compassion and your action to  change their plight.

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Who SSWH Works With and How SSWH Works:

SSWH Project acknowledges the pivotal role midwives play in providing essential health care services for women in the Sub-Saharan region. SSWH Project works with Midwifery Associations in the Sub-Saharan region and not individuals.

SSWH provides the opportunities for midwives to put together the useful data midwives generate every day in their work and save lives through interpretation of the data. Thus, SSWH supports midwifery research to improve care of women in the region. SSWH supports continuing education for midwives through various platforms.

SSWH supports increasing health knowledge among adolescents and communities through various platforms, and preventing preventable causes of sexual and reproductive health diseases and complications staring from adolescence. Thus, SSWH will support initiatives for teenagers to stay in school, delay pregnancy, prevent unwanted, unplanned pregnancy, prevent abortions and sexually transmitted infections, and minimize morbidity and mortality. SSWH will assist in generating age specific, culture sensitive health leaflets for adolescents, young women in the reproductive phases like pregnancy and post delivery phase to minimize sexuaal and reproductive risk and preserve lives.